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Kerr Accountants was the first firm in Ireland to create a specialist team for contractors and we have over 30 years in specialised experience. We are 100% certain that our Contractor Solutions are the most flexible, dynamic and tax efficient solutions available in Ireland.  Kerr Accountants is one of the largest provider of contractor and freelancer solutions in Ireland and have dealt with thousands of contractors over the years.

Our philosophy is simple:

There when you need us!

Each contractor will be given a direct line to a tax partner with a minimum of 10 years experience dealing with contractors. We give our mobile numbers to clients and we take appointments from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and until 1pm on Saturday.

With the most qualified experienced staff in Ireland!

Kerr Accountants are Chartered Accountants and members of the Institute of Taxation, widely recognised as the best accounting and taxation qualifications in Ireland. Our contractor team are all experienced tax professionals with years of experience dealing with contractors. Unlike a lot of our competitors you will not have your affairs dealt with by a trainee or unqualified staff from start to finish. Some of these accountants will even bundle you into companies with complete strangers without even telling you the truth of the risks. These types of accountants should be avoided, as Ireland, unlike some other European countries, does not have managed company provisions regulating the services provided by such accountants and also these accountants are not specifically regulated to manage your money in the same way that solicitors or auctioneers are.

With the right answers, training, support and tools you need!

 We have been at this for so many years that we can guarantee that no matter what issues or questions your contracting business throws up, you will have the answers and solutions you need at the end of a phone. Kerr Accountants produce in-house purpose build software, updated each year to help contractors manage their companies in the most flexible, tax efficient manner possible, and clearly shows you your take home pay and payroll payments. Inbuilt in this software are prompts and information to help you spot allowable business expenses that otherwise could be missed. We provide all our contractors with unlimited access to one on one training programs with partners to help them understand how to manage their company, meet all the different deadlines and how each aspect of the tax code applies to their situations. We also are one of Irelands leading experts in residence and double taxation issues and will be able to advise you on the many pitfalls of contracting outside of Ireland.

We trade in Honesty!  Unlike some other accountants that hold themselves specialised in contractors, we don’t rose tint our answers, we promise you our fairness and impartial assessment of the situation. Some accountants in the industry have attracted clients by purposely misleading them into a false sense of security about the tax risks they are taking.
At Kerr Accountants we stand over our work and unlike the vast majority of other accountants we won’t charge you if, in the event, Revenue decide to audit your tax returns!

With the most flexible and diverse range of solutions!

Kerr Accountants can provide the full suite of services available to contractors in Ireland. Contractors can take on as little or as much responsibility as they want.  We don’t shoehorn into specific categories, all our solutions are boutique solutions specifically tailored to your needs and all our solutions (apart from some of the shared company options) are fully flexible to allow you explore all the options available to a company in Ireland, for example, company vehicles, other benefits in kind, other employees including family members, dividend planning, profit piling for career breaks, retirement relief tax planning, tax planning to use up your pension lump sum when over 50, the list goes on.

At the most competitive prices in Ireland!

Bi-annually, we benchmark our fees to competitors to ensure that we are by far the most competitive. All our fees are fixed all-in monthly amounts and include all meetings, phone-calls, emails and everything else you may need.

Call us now for a free consultation.